Exclusive interview with Nadine Velazquez!
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Mary McDonnell Online had the chance to have a chat with Nadine Velazquez, better known to Major Crimes fans as DDA Emma Rios. We asked questions regarding Mary, Major Crimes, Upcoming story lines and then asked a few questions from you. The fans. Big thanks to Nadine for agreeing to talk to us. Take a look and see what Major Crimes has in store for us when it starts up again. November 25th on TNT! Make sure you tune in!


MMO: How has it been working on Major Crimes so far? What has the experience been like?

NV:Working on Major Crimes has been one of my best experiences as an actress so far. I have to say. Working with Denzel Washington and Robert Zemekis in Flight was outstanding, but Major Crimes is right up there. Specifically Mary McDonnell. I am in love with her. She’s fascinating. Please include me in your Mary fanclub because I am definitely a fan.

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MMO:What is it like working with Mary McDonnell?

NV:Mary is a phenomenal actress, as you know, but not only is she mesmerizing to watch, she’s also such a genuine person. She cares so much about all of us and has a quality about her I have yet to meet in another actress. She channels her work through her heart and I think that makes all the difference.

MMO:Can you give us any tasters on what is to come when the Season starts again in November?

NV:In November, you will see more of the Rusty storyline unfold. I think that’s all I can say but I also want to add that our guest stars have been outrageous! One actress had me crying on set with her powerful performance. I had to remind myself I was a DDA but it was tough not to be affected by her. You will see what I mean when you watch her. The storyline is about a mother who loses her son to gang violence. A dog is also in the show. The actress and the dog both had me in tears!

MMO:How do you think you character has changed from when we first saw her, to how we are going to see her in November?

NV:My character came into Major Crimes with her guns blazing. I know that was off putting to some die hard fans but I appreciate the stir. I’ve never been on the other side of that before as an actress, my characters have been pretty safe but I enjoy Rios’ passion and ability to be forthcoming. I also like how some episodes has her empathizing with Rusty’s plight and although she clearly has a softer side, I think you will be the interplay of both her sensitivity and her focus and commitment to the law above her emotions.

MMO:Will Sharon and Emma form any sort of friendship in upcoming episodes?

NV:Emma is now part of the squad. There’s an inherent friendship in that. I, too, look forward to that evolving.

MMO:After the cliffhanger we were left on before the hiatus, can you give us any insight into where we start off in November?

NV:All I can say is that cliffhangers serve a really delicious purpose and I’m gonna have to keep you hanging!

Fan questions!:

I asked a few of you for some questions to ask Nadine. Things you would like to know about. Here they are!

MMO:Will their be any romantic relationships for any of the characters in the upcoming episodes?

NV:I think you will enjoy what is to come so keep watching!

MMO:How did you feel when you got offered the part?

NV:When I got offered the part, I was in Austin, Texas filming another show and it was raining outside. My agent called me and simply said, “Congratulations!” and I don’t think I stopped screaming for a good five minutes!

MMO:Will we see a Christmas and a New Years Ever episode?

NV:You will see some holiday cheer, definitely!

MMO:How was your first day On Set?

NV:My first day on set was intense. I walked right into a heavy scene where I question Rusty. I knew my character was the one who wasn’t going to be well received so it was difficult at first to separate Emma from Nadine. I remember having to remind myself not to take the tension personally. It took several weeks to acclimate.

MMO:Do you have any funny stories from the set?

NV:During rehearsals one day, I was reading from my script and had a line that interrupted Provenza’s line. The thing with G.W Bailey is that he is one of the greatest actors I’ve ever worked with. He is so convincing it’s ridiculous. Anyway, I was only reading my line, not really in “character” when all of a sudden G.W tells me, “WILL YOU STOP!” He said it really loud and hard and I looked at him and everyone else and said very carefully, “It’s my line. It’s written this way” And G.W said, “It’s my line, too. It’s written this way”. I looked at his line and he was right. He was only acting his line. I immediately started to cry. I couldn’t control myself. I was so convinced he was telling me, Nadine, to “STOP”. It was a really funny moment. I cried for about 2 minutes. Talk about embarrassing!

MMO:This question is from Ella and Emma, they are huge fans of the show and told me to say Hello!
Many fans want to see Raydor and Flynn get together in the show. Previous episodes seem to be leading up to something, can you share anything about that?

NV:I can’t say much about the Raydor/Flynn story line but it’s a good one. Very engaging story to follow, that’s for sure.

MMO:Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, Nadine! You are awesome! We look forward to November!

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