Screencapture Update!
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Hi everyone! I’m sorry there hasn’t been as many posts recently. I’ve been having internet problems so it’s been hard to update. I am slowly adding screencaptures from Season 3 of Major Crimes as my friend Tori was nice enough to cap them for me! Keep an eye on the site for them. 🙂

Major Crimes Creator Previews “Trial By Fire”
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“Trial By Fire,” (it’s first few moments excepted) begins in a courtroom and objectively explores the finite limits of our justice system. Those of you who follow this blog know how fascinated I am by our civilization’s orderly attempt to deal with injury and conflict resolution. It is important to remember, though, that the justice system is a human construct, an evolutionary philosophy filled with all the flaws of our species; it is not designed to work properly for individuals, but only in the aggregate. While filled with our most fervent and idealistic hopes for a better world, the courts and its officers must still manage a form of rational pragmatism that can disappoint us in daily life.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking! I’m about to invoke Ferguson or Cleveland or Staten Island! I honestly can’t do it. Like many others, I have questions about how the justice system worked in those particular cases, but this episode was written and shot long before the above listed incidents occurred. And, in keeping with our place in the world, Major Crimes avoids politicizing murder and rape. Captain Sharon Raydor believes, as do most LA police officers, that her job is to make the arrest and push the case to a conclusion, but then yield her own sense of right and wrong to the lawful verdict of the courts.

How people react to the loss of hope says a great deal about them. Will they despair and give in to bitterness? Will they falter and turn away? Will they succumb to rage and violence? Or will they pick up and try to do better when the next opportunity comes along?

Our detectives believe in the honor of their jobs, even if, in practice, they often lie and misrepresent themselves to suspects, or think up creative ways to employ the Miranda warning. In “Trial By Fire,” the justice system requires them to investigate the homicide of someone they openly despise. To put them further in the dumps, their chief suspect is represented by Jack Raydor, Sharon’s ex-husband, who (in his person) represents many of the failed hopes in the Captain’s life. It says something, then, about the quality of Sharon’s heart, that she never considers doing anything less than solving the riddle of a mysterious 911 call, finding its connection to a charitable trip to Disneyland and, ultimately, linking it all to the murder of a young black man, shot to death while waiting for a bus. Skillfully written by Ralph Gifford & Carson Moore and directed by the force of nature we call Stacey K. Black, “Trial By Fire” is almost pure mystery, even after the last murder is solved and the deal is put on offer.

Oh. And did I mention that Flynn may resign? Hope can fail in the strangest places.

And now! Finally! Next week the Santa robbery/flash mob/Raydor children home for the holidays special. We have some fun things packed under the tree and in the trash, just for you, Lt. Provenza and Buzz’s new Christmas sweater.

Until then — James Duff

Sounds like it’s going to be a fantastic episode! Happy Holidays from all of us here at Mary McDonnell Online 🙂

Mary on KET Documentary
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Since its founding in 1964 by a group of young, passionate, and dedicated stage enthusiasts, Actors Theatre of Louisville swiftly earned local acclaim before gaining, and holding, international attention with what would become the organization’s signature: the annual Humana Festival of New American Plays.

Two local theater companies merged to become Actors Theatre of Louisville when it was clear that the city wasn’t large enough to financially sustain separate playhouses. Under the direction of co-founders Ewel Cornett and Richard Block, the new non-profit company relied on a host of volunteers working on and off the stage during its fledging years.

Their efforts paid off, though, and Actors Theatre quickly outgrew its original space on South Fourth Street. For a new theater, the group renovated the abandoned Illinois Central Railroad Station and turned it into a 350-seat venue. On opening night, audience members took a train to the auditorium, only to be victims of a staged “train robbery” with the pillage going to the company’s coffers.

Major Crimes to start June 9th!
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Major Crimes will be back on our screens in just under a month. I will be adding pictures of Mary on set today. Make sure to get caught up with earlier seasons in preparation for Season 3!

Major Crimes starts shooting!
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Major Crimes has starting shooting Season 3. Pictures of the cast have been put out on Twitter as well as a first look at the promo shoot. All of these can be found on Twitter and Tumblr. Updates will be more regular on the site now, the more we get from the shooting of Season 3!

Welcome to Mary McDonnell Online!
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Welcome to Mary McDonnell Online, your newest source for all things Mary. We aim to provide you with the latest news and images regarding Mary. We currently have over 30,000 HQ and MQ images and screen captures of Mary’s Public appearances, Studio Photoshoots and career in Television and Film in the gallery. We hope you enjoy the site as much as we enjoyed making it and we hope to become a go-to fan resource for all things McDonnell! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or you would like to become an affiliate, please contact Sophie here. We are also on Twitter and Facebook.

Enjoy your stay!

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