Antagonist/Protagonist – Both Sides Now: A Conversation with Major Crimes’ Mary McDonnell
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Actress Mary McDonnell has once again returned to Dragon Con after a few years away. While she may always be Battlestar Galactica’s President Laura Roslin to many fans, I’m really enjoying her work on TNT’s Major Crimes where she plays Captain Sharon Raydor. McDonnell always brings a quiet power to the roles she plays, often embodying women who are commanding and unquestionably in charge without having to raise her voice above the seemingly tranquil tone that’s become her hallmark.

In addition to her two panels, McDonnell is also signing autographs on the Walk of Fame. She’s donating all of the money she collects to Sinte Gleska University, and that was the first thing she wanted to talk about when we sat down for this chat. Read the rest of this entry »

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I have added 13 UHQ images from the EXTRA Interview ‘Shoot’ They can be found here! Enjoy!

TNT Drama. BOOM. Promo including Mary!
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TNT DRAMA BOOM from TNT on Vimeo.

Awesome new promo fro TNT dramas including Mary. Take a look :)

Major Crimes to start June 9th!
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Major Crimes will be back on our screens in just under a month. I will be adding pictures of Mary on set today. Make sure to get caught up with earlier seasons in preparation for Season 3!

Major Crimes starts shooting!
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Major Crimes has starting shooting Season 3. Pictures of the cast have been put out on Twitter as well as a first look at the promo shoot. All of these can be found on Twitter and Tumblr. Updates will be more regular on the site now, the more we get from the shooting of Season 3!

Mary McDonnell: At 60, Stardom Strikes. Interview with “Life Reimagined”
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“There’s babe, district attorney and Driving Miss Daisy,” fumes Goldie Hawn’s character in The First Wives Club, uttering the much-quoted line lamenting the three stages for actresses. Mary McDonnell says that line speaks the truth.

In the 1990s, the flame-haired beauty played babe roles in Dances with Wolves where she snuggled with Kevin Costner and Independence Day where she was the brave First Lady. A few birthdays later she wondered: Is my career over?

“I’m not 25. I’m not even 40,” says the soft-spoken actress who never dreamed that at 60, she would become the star of Major Crimes on TNT, one of the biggest hit dramas on TV. “I was at a certain age where I wondered if Hollywood would ever let me work again.”

Read more here!

Hallmark Home and Family HQ Stills
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I have added 7HQ stills of Mary from her appeareance on the Home and Family Show. They can be found in the gallery. Enjoy!

Major Crimes Winter Episode Descriptions.
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TNT have released descriptions for the next 7 episodes of Major Crimes. You can find them under the cut

Read the rest of this entry »

Major Crimes 2×13 “Jailbait” HQ Stills
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I have added a new 2 HQ stills from 2×13 of Major Crimes.

When a newly released prisoner misses two back-to-back parole meetings, the squad is called in to track him down after the suspect’s therapist expresses concerns over his mental state. Meanwhile, Sharon invites therapist, Dr. Joe Bowman (guest star Bill Brochtrup), to the office to evaluate Rusty over a game of chess. Esai Morales also guest stars.

Major Crimes Winter Episodes Press Release
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We finally have a press release from TNT for the upcoming episodes. Make sure you tune in November 25th on TNT!

This past summer on Major Crimes, Raydor and the detectives in the squad finally settled into a good working relationship. But they are now under the watchful eye of Deputy District Attorney Emma Rios, who has been assigned to shadow investigations and work with Raydor’s team to build successful cases and secure plea deals whenever possible.

Throughout the summer, Rusty struggled to come to terms with his past and his own emotional turmoil. His close friendship with a female classmate showed signs of bringing his life some sense of normality, but Rusty pushed her away for reasons he refuses to explain. And Rusty’s distrust of DDA Rios will continue to grow as her actions make him begin to question her intentions.

In the winter episodes of Major Crimes, the squad will be called upon to investigate the deaths of two brothers who may have died as a result of a bad batch of drugs, track down a recently released prisoner whose therapist has concerns he could be dangerous and follow a money trail full of surprises when a body turns up at a posh country club. The winter episodes will also reveal the mysterious person sending threatening letters to Rusty and Raydor, and Rusty will finally testify against Phillip Stroh in a preliminary hearing. Jon Tenney – who played FBI Agent Fritz Howard on The Closer and the first season of Major Crimes – returns to direct the Dec. 16 episode and will guest star in two episodes.

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